Ten-Frame Cards

Ten-Frame Cards

Stephanie, one of the parents in the Math with Confidence Community on Facebook, made these ten-frame cards.

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Here’s what she says about them:

I created a 10 Frame Card Game and thought I’d share it here for anyone else interested. I’ve seen other 10 frame cards that you can purchase but they included numbers (that’s cheating 😅) and also only had the split 10 frame. This homemade deck has 4 colors each numbered 0-10 plus 2 extra/opt wild cards. Each card has a duplicate ten frame down each side. This is just so you can see the 10 frame when holding the cards upside down or right side up (or left/right handed). You may need to explain to your child that you only look at one side (my kids caught on to that super quick). I added an optional back side to the cards because white is just boring 😁. So if you print them, flip the paper and print a background on the other side if you’d like 🙂. Many of the games Kate suggests can be played with these cards!

These would be especially good for playing Make 10 Go Fish or Make 10 Memory! Click the purple button below to download your own set. Happy Math!