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Kate’s Talks

Stop the Math Tears: What to Do When Your Child Hates Math

Nothing ruins homeschooling (and parents’ nerves) like fighting about math every day. In this session, Kate will teach you practical strategies for stopping the math tears and tantrums. You’ll learn how to find the just-right challenge level for your child, add fun and interest to your math lessons, and help your child develop an overall better attitude towards math.

How to Teach Math Facts That Stick

Are you sick of drilling the math facts without results? Tired of watching your child count out every addition fact on his fingers or skip count for every multiplication problem? In this session, you’ll learn simple strategies for teaching the math facts without hours of rote memorization. Kate will also answer all your questions about the math facts and demonstrate easy games and activities that make learning the math facts fun.

Teaching Math with Confidence and Joy in the Primary Years

Want to help your children develop solid math skills in a playful, developmentally-appropriate way that instills a love of learning? You’ll learn simple routines, fun activities, and practical ways to weave math into your daily life so that your preschoolers through second graders develop a love of math right from the start.

About Kate

Kate Snow is a math educator on a mission to help parents give their kids a great foundation in math—and maybe even have some fun doing it!  She uses her experience as a homeschool parent, classroom teacher, and curriculum writer to empower parents to teach math with confidence. Kate is the author of the Math Facts That Stick series, Preschool Math at Home, and the forthcoming Math with Confidence curriculum. She writes at Kate’s Homeschool Math Help at kateshomeschoolmath.com.


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