What to Do When Your Homeschooler HATES Math

Got a kid who HATES math? These 12 teaching strategies will help your math-hater enjoy math more–and stop the day-dreaming, tears, and tantrums! Something out the window is so fascinating that your child’s eyes haven’t moved from it in five …

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Math-U-See Review and Buying Guide

math-u-see review

Review Math-U-See is a mastery-oriented homeschool math curriculum that uses a unique set of manipulatives to help children understand math concepts. I recommend it highly for children who struggle in math or have math anxiety. It’s a great confidence-building program …

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Beast Academy Buying Guide and FAQ

Start here for my full review of Beast Academy. When is a child ready to start Beast Academy? I usually recommend that you start with a placement test. But for Beast Academy, I don’t find the placement test very helpful. Perhaps it’s a …

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Math Mammoth Buying Guide and FAQ

math mammoth

Wondering if Math Mammoth is a good fit for your family? You can read my in-depth review here. Many different websites sell the Math Mammoth complete curriculum (the “Light Blue” Series). This Math Mammoth buying guide will lead you through …

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